Adivi Sesh confirms the release of HIT 2 movie in Hindi!

Adivi Sesh confirms the release of HIT 2 movie in Hindi!

Adivi Sesh is back after the success of ‘Major’.

Yesterday, SS Rajamoulithe man who introduced Indian cinema to the world, attended the premiere of his next film HIT 2 or HIT: The second case.

During the pre-launch event, Major The actor hinted that HIT 2 will be released across India. And the release date will be announced soon. He stated – “After seeing the film, I felt so confident that I asked Nani for a Hindi version. I wish this captivating film was an Indian production. We will announce the Hindi release date in few days.”

Rajamouli, Adivi Sesh

Adivi Sesh made the exciting announcement in front of aces manager SS Rajamouli. The maverick filmmaker also gave the suggestion to the team.

Rajamouli said – “I want Nani, Prashanti and Sailesh will continue the HIT franchise. And I have a suggestion for the HIT team: please release the HIT series in the same season every year, whether it’s the same date or the same month. Audiences should feel like this season belongs to HIT.

Sailesh Kolanu, Nani, SS Rajamouli, Adivi Sesh

While the first part received critical acclaim for its storyline, HIT 2 caught viewers’ attention for a whole different reason. According to a section of netizens, the trailer bears an uncanny similarity to the recent The Real Horror of Shraddha Walker in Delhi that shook the nation.

HIT 2 is the second installment of Dr. Sailesh Kolanu’s HIT Verse. Directed by Sailesh Kolanu, everything is ready to hit the screens December 2, 2022. “HIT 2” features Sesh as cool cop KD on the Homicide Squad. The movie has Meenakshii Chaudhary in the female lead role. Prashanti Tipirneni is financing the film while Natural Star Nani is the presenter of Wall Poster Cinema.

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