Akshay Kumar to host Fear factor 5

Everyone knows about the great gutsy reality show “Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi”, which has been telecasting on Colors Channel since last few years. And here we have a good news and a bad news altogether along with this show. A bad news is that, the forthcoming season of the very popular show “Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi” is set to move in the next to next year, i.e. 2014. And a good news is that, our own Mr. Khiladi (Akshay Kumar) will be the anchor of this season too. 

Everyone was expecting that due to busy schedule Akshay Kumar is having, Ajay Devgn will host this upcoming series of this show. But finally the producers and TV channel have decided to hold up the dates and let Akshay do the anchoring of this show. Akshay Kumar have done some deadliest stunts in the last seasons of this show, so better to sticks with the same anchor instead letting your show’s popularity fall down by replacing such a dynamic anchor.

Akshay Kumar is very well known for his extra amazing Khiladigiri in his real life and in reel life too. Akshay Kumar is the only star which can perform any stunts by himself. Accepthing this fact, the whole crew have decided and put this decision over here.

Reports say, official of colors are not having any kind of problem in waiting for this star to host this show. They all well aware about the busy and tight schedule for the year 2013 of Aksahy Kumar. Like I said, they have two options. The first one is like, do they go ahead with Fear Factor without Akshay Kumar? Or do they have wait for him to join this show for year 2014? Finally they have decided with the latter one and announced that Khiladi Akshay Kumar will host the forthcoming season of  ”Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi”. that is season 5.

We’ll serve you some more interesting stories and news of the B-World. Until then, keep on reading and enjoy your day.

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