The Attacks of 26/11: First official 7 minutes

Ram Gopal Varma is ready to thrill. Yes, the much awaited movie “The Attacks of 26/11″‘s first look is finally here. Ram Goapl Varma is one of the leading film makers in Bollywood industry. He has gifted us many amazing movies, like Satya, Sarkar, Company and a lot more. Now it looks like a high time for him with this “The Attacks of 26/11″.

On “The Attacks of 26/11″, Ram Gopal Varma had launched the very first official 7 minutes of it at Nehru Auditorium (Mumbai). Here, in this event there were all the media reporters, all the survivors and all the police officers with all the constables who had faced these attacks personally were there.

Report says, the first look of “The Attacks of 26/11″ is approx 7 minutes long. This whole movie is based on the attacks of 26/11/2008  faced by Mumbai. This whole video is very deadly and it looks like the original attacks. This video will let you feel the experience of that attacks and at the end of the video, you all can literally feel how horrifying experiences would have been faced by those persons in that attacks.

Here’s the official 7 minutes of  ”The Attacks of 26/11″.

Here, in this movie Nana Patekar appears as a Joint Commissioner of Police (Mumbai), Sanjeev Jaiswal is playing the character of terrorist Ajmal Kasab in this film. After watching this movie you can easily figure out the actual experience of this attacks.

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