Do Baaraa movie review

Do Baaraa movie review

A remake of the Spanish film Mirage, Make Baaraa is an exciting race from start to finish. A little like Back to the future meets 13B meets stranger things (at the level of the atmosphere)

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Director: Anurag Kashyap

With: Taapsee Pannu, Pavail Gulati, Saswata Chatterjee

Rating: 3.5/5

Duration: 2h15


Mirage remake

Antara Awasthi (Taapsee) moved with her husband and daughter Avanti in a new house. The trio learned that years ago, a boy named Anay lived in their house.

Anay, a key witness to a murder in the neighborhood, had died in a tragic accident while escaping from his pursuer (Saswata). A geomagnetic storm coincided with this horrible event.

At present, Antara notices a strange, old tv in the bedroom – playing an old recording. The huge geomagnetic storm is back. Shockingly, Antara discovers that she is able to communicate via television…with Anay from the past!

She warns him of her impending death, ultimately saving his life. However, saving him drastically alters his current reality – one of the key events being that his daughter now no longer exists. The killer from the original timeline is still on the prowl and Anay, though alive, is nowhere to be found!

Interspersed with shady neighbors, corpses, extramarital affairs, geomagnetic storms and televisions functioning as portals…. Make Baaraa is a gripping, edge-of-the-seat thriller with a satisfying climax!

What do we think?

First of all…BOHOT MAZA AYA DEKH KE. I haven’t watched the original movie – Mirage(I wanted to see Do Baraa with a new goal) but a quick look at Wikipedia told me the plot is more or less the same.

The nonlinear scenario makes Do Baraa fun and forces you to follow the plot and parallel deadlines closely.

Not everything seems obvious at first glance, but it’s not so complicated that you can’t follow. The the first half is very engaging but the interval comes to an odd point. The 2nd half has a satisfying climax with all the ends well tied, but it really had the potential to incorporate some trickier twists and layers.

The title “Do Baraa” is indeed clever, as the 2:12 timestamp plays a crucial role in the events that occur. And thematically it makes sense because “Do Baraa” in Hindi means “again or twice”… signifying the importance of 2nd chance and double delays!

My only complaint is that the past and present appearances of Saswata Chatterjee and Himanshi Choudhry are barely distinguishable in the 2nd timeline, which makes things a bit confusing at times.

Taapsee Pannu’s acting is solid albeit too familiar with her other roles. (She was much more versatile in Game Over in comparison) But the role she plays and the plot itself is very interesting.

His Thapad co-star Pavail Gulati also gives a decent performance. I felt like they could have amped up the “creep” factor of Saswata’s character. If you love all things time travel and portals, you’ll enjoy watching Do Bara!

Hit or miss:

Definitely worth seeing in the cinema, especially if you’re a sci-fi buff! Watch for the Stellar Plot!

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