Exclusive Pictures of Shah Rukh Khan’s Bungalow : Mannat

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Shah Rukh Khan (SRK), been working in the industry for last 20 years spreading smiles, joy and love on screen has earned a lot of respect, popularity and wealth working in the industry. His bungalow in Mumbai is also one of those top 10 buildings in the Mumbai. Mannat is so huge that it has been included in the protected structure act by the government.

Mannat is a huge beautifully structured piece of art just near to the Mumbai sea line. It also has a room totally dedicated to gaming and called a gaming zone. SRK has made 2 huge rooms such that it can also be used for TV Advertisement shootings and Dish TV and airtel ads were made inside Mannat itself.

Mannat is a 6 floored building and it’s interior designing work has been done by his beautiful wife Gauri Khan herself. It’s truly a great piece of art. Take a bow, King Khan!

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