Interview of Kartik Aaryan for the movie Freddy

Interview of Kartik Aaryan for the movie Freddy

Exclusive – Interview with Kartik Aaryan Freddy! Watch full video –

In frank conversation with Arsh Vohra of instant bollywood, Kartik Aaryan reveals the “extra factor” that went into creating Freddy and talks about his love for Arijit Singh’s songs…

Excerpts from the interview –

Instant Bollywood: We’ve all heard that there’s magic in love. Today we have with us Mr Freddy, jiske pyaar mai jaadu toh hai, but it’s dark! (we’re still swooning over Kaalu Jaadu’s song) Featuring none other than Kartik Aaryan!

First of all, I would like to talk about the song Kaala Jaadu. It exudes a very thriller atmosphere and we can already expect a great climax. What was your reaction when you first heard it?

Kartik: When I first heard it, I thought it was a hit song, an infallible hit. The way it was visualized, I automatically thought it was going to be pretty grand. Before that, I had done the title track of Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 and even that was well received. Kaala Jaadu was a great follow up. I’m just happy with the explosive success of the song.

Instant Bollywood: Even the cinematography of this song was quite different. Did you experiment something new this time, compared to your other songs?

Kartik: With every song and movie, I look forward to something new. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to tap into a “dark zone” for the first time with Kaala Jaadu; lyrically the song is quite dark. But we also have the mix of dance and storytelling, so that combination worked brilliantly.

Instant Bollywood: Freddy has a very different role. Everyone is used to seeing you as the devoted friend Sonu or the frustrated lover Rajat. But this creepy Freddy is definitely a first. What was that “extra” thing that went into your characterization of Freddy?

Kartik: There were a lot of things that were covered in my workshops for Freddy; they lasted a long time. We delved deep into Freddy’s psyche, “how and what” his inner thinking would be like, his ways of speaking, whether he would be the type to keep eye contact or not.

There are people who live their lives in monotony, neglecting their personal care. I started enjoying the whole process and I’m happy with how Freddy looks right now. Whenever one is in the middle of the process, one can only perceive the small changes one is going through. But when the full result is released, even as a teaser or a first look, for the public, everything looks completely different.

Instant Bollywood: Another song from the film – Tum Jo Milo, was well received. Unlike Kaala Jaadu, this song shows another side of Freddy, something more wholesome and pure.

Kartik: I love Tum Jo Milo and Freddy’s pure romantic love for Kainaaz and vice versa. We have carefully created these moments. The composition is great too, it makes you want to hum the song.

Instant Bollywood: Arijit Singh’s songs are present in almost all your films. Can we expect more such songs in your films?

Kartik: 100%. It is my favourite singer. I’m lucky that Arijit Singh sings for my films and all these songs are a hit. Let’s hope this combination continues in the future!

Instant Bollywood: What more songs can we expect from Freddy?

Kartik: I won’t reveal much but there will be certain elements that will be highlighted through the music. More such songs are coming soon, which will make you think we have something unusual on our hands. Kaala Jaadu and Tum Jo Milo worked, so I’m sure the other tracks will be interesting for the audience as well.

Bollywood Moment: Tum Jo Milo showed a pretty pure side of Freddy. Can we expect ki Masoom Freddy bhi hai?

Kartik: 100%. He is also innocent… woh bhi uska ek side hai. Everything will be unveiled gradually….

Freddy and more release date:

freddy expected to premiere direct on OTT on December 2 on Disney+ Hotstar. Featuring Kartik Aaryan and Alaya F on your mind, freddy is directed by Shashanka Gosh. The romantic thriller is the story of an unusual dentist named Freddy, who blurs the line between love and obsession, when he becomes obsessed with his new patient Kainaaz.

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