Kareena Kapoor Refuses to perform at events

The leading actress from the Bollywood, Kareena Kapoor who recently married with Saif Ali Khan. And it takes a quick turn in her Bollywood career. Like we have seen Kareena Kapoor in many events performing and cherish each and every fans of her, such events no longer available. Cause Kareena Kapoor has announced that she will never take a part in such events now onwards. Read on!

I think you already fell in Love with her recent item number Fevicol Se from Dabangg 2. And after seeing her boldness avatar she gets a lot of offers to dance at wedding functions and at events from the whole India. Now, after hearing all this news she made up her mind and announced something controversial, she has turned down all the offers and refused them all. Recently someone has offered her Rs. 8 crore for a wedding performance, but she refused that offer just for the sake of her husband and thus she kept his reputation as well.

And finally he added some more words, like “My family is looked at with immense respect and I will never do anything to embarrass them. I can’t even think of dancing at weddings, especially from now on”. I think she already learned that how to gain respects from her own family. This moves will definitely prove her a decent and Bhartiya Bahu for sure!

So from now, we wouldn’t be able to catch her in any controversial or other news. Hope she continues her Bollywood career with her boldness. At least we can she her there with a pleasant smile. Until then enjoy her recently launched extremely hot item number, Fevicol se from Dabangg 2.

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