Khiladi 786 Music Review : It’s Party Time

Himesh Reshamiya is back again after a long time and this time, he is back with a bang! Himesh Reshamiya is a composer of the music of Khiladi 786 and co-producer as well as an actor in the movie has got a touch of new and old age in it’s music for this movie and is set to to be a blockbuster. I am personally going crazy for the songs as it lights up the mood. Check out my take on the music of Khiladi 786, attaching all the videos too, enjoy!

The album of Khiladi 786 contains total of 7 songs and 5 remix. All the songs are nicely composed and 3 songs has been sung by Himesh, also featuring VIneet (Sa Re Ga Ma Pa contestant), Yo Yo Honey Singh, Mika Singh and Shreya Ghoshal.

Lonely : Song Review

The first song of the album is kind of a Rap song featuring Yo Yo Honey Singh and Himesh Reshamiya, Hansika Iyer. The song is pretty good at the beginning but as it progresses, it goes at a long pace and is a pretty nice song

Balma : Song Review

Balma is sung by Vineet and Himesh all along and it is to give tribute to RD Burman. There is similar charisma, charm and liveliness in here as well, hence resulting in recreation of some perfect magic. Shreya Ghoshal is good too in her singing with this song. Sameer’s lyrics are really catchy and will surely get attention of the masses. Truly an atom bomb! The remix of the song is even better with extra music in the background and beats matching up nicely!

Long Drive : Song Review 

Having a rock theme with guitar at the start, Long Drive is a pretty interesting song with an awesome music by Himesh. A must play track. Mika Singh joining in the later part of the song, this song is surely a party track with its remix. Expect this one to be a show stopper at marriages, parties and discotheques.

Sari Sari Raat : Song Review

After a 3 mind blasting song, Sari Sari Raat is a romantic touch and if you’re a lover of slow tracks, you’re definitely going to like this one unless you unlike Himesh for his singing. A mix of soothing music along with stunning poetic creation from Shabbir Ahmed results in a song that would go down exceedingly well with the love birds.

Hookah Bar : Song Review

Believe it or not but by the time I’m writing this review, I’ve already played this track at least 50 times and it still manages me to move my body over. This is a definite hit amongs the youngsters going to dance floors and with the marriage season coming soon, it is sure to become a hit. The track sets up the mood of celebration and carnival while the ‘remix version’ only aids in ensuring that it enjoys a long run.

Khiladi Bhaiya : Song Review

A theme based track and this song looks somewhat closely related to the need of the script. Sung by Himesh Reshamiya and Vineet Singh are joined by Aman Trikha, Yashraj Kapil, Alam Gir Khan and Rajdeep Chatterjee. The lyrics are good but this track somehow disappoints.

Tu Hoor Pari : Song Review

This track is kind of a mixup of Punjabi folk and Qawalli by Himesh Reshamiya. Not upto the mark and lyrics also somehow kind of disappointing. Listen at your own risk!

Overall, the album contains some awesome party tracks and I’m going wow over those but there are a couple of tracks which slightly disappoints the listener. Still, I’d advice you to go, download and give them a try because I am sure you’re gonna like it!

My Ratings for Khiladi 786 Music : 4/5.

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