Pranali Rathod reminds netizens of OG Akshara aka Hina Khan; slams Manjiri for being the bad guy in AbhiRa’s life

Pranali Rathod reminds netizens of OG Akshara aka Hina Khan;  slams Manjiri for being the bad guy in AbhiRa's life

Harshad Chopda and Pranali Rathod featured Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai took a big turn in the show. Recently we have seen Akshara throw a big party Abhimanyu On his birthday. However, things take a shocking turn when Karishma Sawant aka Aarohi and Paras Priyadarshan aka Neil introduced themselves as a married couple. They reach Birla House and leave everyone in shock. Even the Goenkas, who are there celebrating, are shocked after seeing them married. And now, in the next episode, Manjiri will bring a new twist.

Manjiri is the bad guy?

So, Neil and Aarohi are married. However, they are driven out by the Birlas and the Goenkas disown them. Now Ami Trivedi aka Manjiri will bring another twist to the story. Pranali Rathod aka Akshara and Harshad Chopda aka Abhimanyu are up against Aarohi being the perfect match for Neil. They ask them to leave after wishing them good luck. Manjiri is heartbroken in much the same way. Yet the next day, she demands that Neil and Aarohi be taken back to Birla Mansion. Netizens are furious with the gray twists brought to Manjiri’s character and don’t like Manjiri these days.

Pranali Rathod reminds fans of OG Akshara aka Hina Khan

In the precap of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, while Manjiri asks Abhi to bring Neil back, Akshara is seen in a new avatar. With straight hair and a long-sleeved blouse, Pranali Rathod’s Akshara reminds fans of OG Akshara, played by Hina Khan. Check the tweets here:

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Aarohi’s Plan Fails

In the next episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, we will see Goenkas disowning Aarohi. They leave the decision to the Birlas on what they want to do with Neil and also with Aarohi. Manish is very furious with Aarohi and slams her for making such a rash decision. He laments that they shouldn’t have overlooked her mistakes in the past and kicked her out as is. Manish leaves Birla House in anger.

Later we see Anand and Harsh denying Neil and Aarohi as well. Harshad Chopda aka Abhimanyu tries to make Neil understand but Neil stands firm with Aarohi. The latter shocks everyone by saying that they are only here to take blessings and will leave right away. Much to Aarohi’s shock, they wish them luck and leave. Aarohi had planned with Mahima to gain entry to Birla Mansion.

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