The death of SSR director Disha Salian was accidental

The death of SSR director Disha Salian was accidental

CBI concluded that the death of Disha Salian (who had been Coach of Sushant Singh Rajput) was a accident.

Disha would have falls from its balcony – located on the 14th floor of the Galaxy Regent building in Malad, on the night of June 8, 2020.

SSR’s death came a week later June 14, 2020. Reports from that time had suggested that the two deaths were linked.

However, a recent report by CBI officials indicates that there are no proof suggest that the two deaths were linked or that Disha’s death triggered Sushant’s presumed suicide. CBI officials also said Disha consumed alcohol that night and so lost his balance and fell from its flat balcony!

A CBI official said: “Investigation did not find any substance in Rane’s allegations that Salian was assaulted and had approached Rajput for help and that there is a larger political conspiracy at play.

However, no closure report has been filed by CBI regarding Sushant’s death.

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