Urfi Javed reacts to Anjali Arora’s MMS video controversy: ‘Even though she did…’

Urfi Javed reacts to Anjali Arora's MMS video controversy: 'Even though she did...'

Lock Upp celebrity Anjali Arora found herself in hot waters when her alleged sexually explicit MMS video was leaked online. Many people were convinced that it was her in the leaked video, however, Anjali had maintained that it was not her. As Anjali continues to face the unsavory questions over the MMS video, Bigg Boss OTT fame Urfi Javed has now backed her up.

According to Zoom, Urfi said that even though it is Anjali in the leaked MMS video, the former Lock Upp competitor did not want the video to be in the public domain. She said that even if she did or a girl records herself masturbating or having sex, and the video leaks, she is still the victim. She said the girl recorded the video for herself and didn’t want the world to see it.

Urfi sympathized with Anjali saying that she has to go through a lot because it is difficult to deal with the situation when your private photos or videos are leaked for everyone to see. She said people are constantly sexualizing you and making you feel naked on the inside.

She revealed that she suggested Anjali to keep calm as people will forget about this incident in the next couple of years. She also criticized people in the country where they indulge in victim blaming. She said if a girl is raped, people blame her for her clothes and put them in a bad light. “India mein ladkiyon blame karte hain, unhe chudail banaya jaata hai,” she said.

Meanwhile, Anjali has taken a tough stance on the leaked MMS video controversy. She gave an apt response to those who kept trolling her saying that people can’t stomach anyone’s success, so they try to bring them down any way they can.

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