Vidya Balan is all set to Get Married this December

“The Dirty Girl”, yes I’m talking about vidya Balan. The Dirty Picture fame Vidya Balan is all set to tie a life longer knot with his boy friend. Recently, Vidya Balan has revealed this news. The name of that lucky guy is Siddharth Roy. They both have been dating each other since quite a long time and then they’re finally here. They both have just decided to get engaged ASAP. And we have the full story here. Keep your eyes here!

Siddharth Roy and Vidya were met on the set of No One Killed Jessica late in 2010. There is no doubt , Vidya has been doing great in her career. And she has pulled the graph of her success by giving back to back hit movies. Paa, No One Killed Jessica and then The Dirty Picture and the last one Kahaani. I have never ever seen such a hard working actress. She has something hidden power in her which leads her to try more and more new things in her career.

However she has a great courage to accept all the negative points and these are the things which keeps her different from the others. After the great hits No One Killed Jessica and Kahaani, she has finally decided to do a next big thing, MARRIAGE.

Siddharth Roy and Vidya Balan will tie a knot on the upcoming December 14. Vidya has spoken that, “I guess so, there’s always time for love.” It seems she’s a die hard fan of the word LOVE. No matter what people think about her, she’s a leading actress of the Bollywood Industry and many people love her. Apart from that she has a huge fan following too. And for this she has announced this news just for the sake of her fan boys.

We wish her a happy life ahead. That is all we can actually wish! And for you guys, have a happy time ahead.


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