What is the recent controversy between Urfi Javed and Chetan Bhagat?

What is the recent controversy between Urfi Javed and Chetan Bhagat?

What is the recent Controversy between Chetan Bhagat and Urfi Javed?

At an Aaj Tak literary event, Chetan took the name Urfi while complaining about the youth’s addiction to phones, saying she was a distraction.

Chetan commented – “The phone has been a big distraction for young people, especially boys, who spend hours watching Instagram reels. Everyone knows who Uorfi Javed is. His posts garner millions of likes.

What will you do with his photos? Does this happen in your exams or will you go to a job interview and tell the interviewer you know all her outfits?

These things are a distraction. This is it’s not Urfi’s fault, she’s just making her career. There are 50 more like her. On the one hand there is the Indian youth protecting our nation in Kargil and on the other hand we have the other a young man eyeing pictures of Urfi in bed.”

Watch Chetan Bhagat talk about Urfi Javed:

Urfi takes on Chetan Bhagat and discusses his MeToo posts –

Watch the video –

However, Urfi Javed was not amused by the author’s comments. She says –“Just because you’re a perv doesn’t mean it’s the girl’s fault.”

She also mentioned Chetan Bhagat MeToo Whatsapp Messages and asked him why he was texting girls who were half his age!

“What was the need to mention my name at a LITERATURE festival? I’m not even an author. This does not concern me. Commenting that the youth is corrupted because of me and how people secretly look at my pictures in bed? Forget young people, you are older, you are the age of their father or their uncle….why did you text girls half your age when you were married? Weren’t you corrupt then? Didn’t it affect your marriage or your children? » – Urfi fired back.

Urfi Javed Insta Stories on Chetan Bhagat Controversy –

What do you think of this recent war of words between Chetan Bhagat and Urfi Javed?

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