Young star surfing on recent success throws temper tantrums; brashness becomes a big deal for the PR agency

Young star surfing on recent success throws temper tantrums;  brashness becomes a big deal for the PR agency

It’s not new for Bollywood stars to have extra temper tantrums when their films do well. “Ek picture kya chal gai, apne aap ko Shah Rukh Khan samajhne lag gaya” is a statement you hear in production meetings, day in and day out. So now there’s this new actor whose altered behavior lately invites a lot of such statements for him. Well, yes, he is handsome, he is one of the youngsters whose recent films have done well at the box office and also received critical acclaim. He’s an idol and he also has an interesting line-up up his sleeve. However, he is once again bitten by the infamous “Big Star” bug. Recent successes especially in a time when the biggies failed and he was pitted against the superstars who have been there has done that, made him believe he has arrived in Bollywood and is now a big star.

And with that belief also come the tantrums of the big stars. The young star who has a strong PR machinery working for him is giving his team a hard time. His diktat is: “Only good and positive things should be written about me”. Everything negative about him is in the media, and the star makes sure he ruins his PR team’s day. Who, in turn, resorted to media requests not to give negative coverage to their “star”. These discussions often turn into arguments and threats, with the team blaming their hyperventilating behavior on their young star’s “problem” attitude.

In fact, the PR team handling this guy has also escalated the issues they are facing with him to their company’s Karta-dhartas. Afterwards, the star had a nice pep talk on how to behave and not get overly sensitive to everything written and said about her, to survive and keep her sanity in this industry. We learn that he’s also been warned that if he doesn’t fix his erratic issues, he’ll have to seek another PR agency. This conversation also came as a shock to this star, while in his head he thinks he’s a big star now, his current PR company isn’t really possessive about him and is “okay” to drop it.

Well, only time will tell if this guy is able to control his ego and rise and shine or walk away with his problems. In the meantime, can you guess who this young star is?

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